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New Start Program

Let us fight the banks for YOU!

We at Grove City Ford want to help EVERYONE get into a vehicle.


We understand that times can be tough: slow pays, no pays, reposessions, bankruptcies, etc.. The GCF team is here to help navigate through the hard times by working with you to find the right monthly payment that fits your needs. At Grove City Ford, we will do everything we can to help those with credit that has just taken or hit or is newly established. We have a wide variety of automobiles for you to choose from. We can work together to create a payment plan that will fit your financial needs; taking everything into account and catering to you speifically. We will work WITH you, not against you!

Let us help!

If you are struggling with finances and wondering how you can get yourself back on track, wonder no longer! The GCF team is here to help. Call 724-748-4790 right now, and let us get working on fixing your credit and driving a great vehicle today.

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