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PA State Inspection Requirements

pa state inspections

PA State Inspection Requirements are designed to guarantee that your vehicle is safe and that exhaust emissions are within regulation levels. Pennsylvania requires annual safety and emission testing for personal and commercial vehicles throughout the state.

 The inspection must be completed at an authorized Department of Transportation inspection location. The safety check includes:


  • Brakes and brake lights
  • Tires
  • Transmission
  • Headlights and tail lights
  • Heater and defroster
  • Doors, windows and mirrors
  • Turn signals and electrical items
  • Seat belts and airbags


Windows, electric and manual, must be easy to work. The driver should be able to electronically control doors, locks and windows in newer vehicles. A door that opens easily is important in an emergency, yet they should lock for safety. This is especially important when young children are in the vehicle. Sliding doors for vans and SUV vehicles are also checked.


The car should start up and turn off without problems. The shift levers must work for both automatic and manual transmissions. Batteries should be clean with all cables connected.


Certified state inspectors are looking for all safety features to be in good working order. A green sticker will be given to 2014-15 vehicles that meet PA State Inspection Requirements. Vintage and antique vehicles may be exempt from some requirements.


Emissions Check

Residents of several counties must have their vehicle exhaust system checked for compliance with state and federal emission standards under the Drive Clean Pennsylvania program that is part of the PA State Inspection Requirements. This includes the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas along with the Lehigh Valley and other parts of the state.


Most automobiles that use fossil fuel have catalytic converters that change or convert toxic burned fuel into less-toxic emissions. The emission check measures how well this device is working on your vehicle and if it complies with standards. If it is not working correctly, it must be repaired or replaced before you get the orange sticker for 2014-15 that indicates your vehicle meets PA State Inspection Requirements for exhaust emissions.


Newer vehicles may have on-board technology that monitors the emission system and alerts the owner to any problems. The system can be repaired if necessary before the mandatory inspection.

Some vehicles, including electric automobiles, are exempt from emission inspection.


Preparation for Inspection

Drivers can prepare their vehicles for inspection with a routine lube and oil change at Grove City Ford in Grove City PA. The trained technicians will check tires, batteries, transmissions, brakes and the differential as part of the regular maintenance program. You will be alerted to any problems that will not pass the PA State Inspection Requirements. This includes the exhaust system.


Grove City Ford technicians can also repair the emission control device on your Ford or other make of vehicle if it does not meet requirements. Other items can also be repaired or replaced to meet safety requirements.


Grove City Ford is located at 1 Taylor Plaza • Grove City, PA 16127. Call 724-748-4790 to schedule a routine maintenance check before your annual safety and emissions inspections.

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